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OSPHCDB, Overview

The OSPHCDB, it is your domestic development board for health. I invite you to please take a look at our seven goals in detail and progress made on MDGs.

Between 1986 and 1992, remarkable and innovative progress was made in the development of Primary Health Care, focusing on the Local Government Areas (LGAs), resulting in Nigeria being placed in the front rank of countries in the world that have advanced the process of equitably improving the health and quality of life of its people through primary health care.

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OSPHCDB, Overview
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  • The OSPHCDB ensures that infants are immunized against vaccine preventable diseases before attaining age of 12months. ORIREWA is an acronym for Ondo State Routine Immunization Reaching .

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  • Instruction for Recruitment... Click on Project Link and Select Nigeria State Health Investment Project on the RBF Page... Click to download Recruitment Process for Verifiers... .

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