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Dare Atunse

Finance and Administration Department services the other five (5) operational departments of the Ministry. The Department sees to the general welfare of staff of the Ministry, it undertakes the processes of appointment, promotion and discipline. It also takes care of the Ministry Registry and handles the account unit.

Summary of Achievements

The department was able to train all Secretaries, Secretarial Assistants as well as clerical Officers. This has greatly improved the effectiveness and efficiency of the officers. This year a total of 12 junior staff on GL.01-04, 18 senior staff on GL.07-10 and 11 officers on GL.12 and above who had fallen due for promotion were recommended and considered.

The Department also made a mark in the general hygiene of the Ministry such that we have very clean working environment. Through the department, members of staff have turned a new leaf with respect to punctuality. Training on record keeping and documentation as well as integrated data processing for professional standards was also carried out.

A total of thirteen (13) of the children at Ago-Ireti inmates were offered employment this year in line with the CARING HEART policy thrust of this administration.

Date Posted Apr.14.2016.11.17.09
Dare Atunse

Personnel Division

The Personnel Division performs the following functions amongst others:

  • It takes care of the general welfare of staff of the Ministry.
  • It undertakes the processes of appointment, promotion and discipline of junior staff.It services both the junior and senior staff committees.
  • Undertakes the movement and posting of department staff.
  • Confidential Registry Unit

    The Confidential Registry is a unit of the personnel division. It performs the following functions:

    • It is directly in charge of contract files.
    • It is responsible for the dispatch of letters that has do with the contract files.
    • It collates list of officers due for promotion yearly.
    • It presents officer’s due for promotion.
    • It writes the brief of promotion of officers.
    • The unit also participates in personnel estimates every year.
    • It is also in charge of conversion of senior and junior staff.
    • The unit also collates the names of officers for the compulsory and management examinations.
    • It also keeps the confidential files of staff.

    Open Registry Unit

    The open registry is also a unit of the personnel division. It performs the following functions:

    • It keeps proper record of all subject files.
    • It is responsible for the opening of new files
    • It receives mails
    • It registers incoming and outgoing files
    • It also takes morning list of files in each department to enable them locate the position of files
    • It is also responsible for file indexing.

    Records Registry

    The Records Registry of Finance and Administration Department performs the following functions:

    It keeps the personal files of staff

    Processes leave request for approval

    It prepares, the nominal and disposition list of the Board It is also responsible for the processing of the document of retirees

    Finance and Administration Division

    This division performs dual functions i.e. the finance and administration of the Board.

    • It appraises and takes position on policy matters
    • It is charged with the responsibility of yearly budgeting, seeking and allocating funds to all priority areas and projects of the Ministry.
    • It keeps record of financial transactions and processes all contract awards (STB and MTB).
    • It handles the processing of payment requests, disbursement of fund and payment of staff emolument.
      • Account Unit

        The Account Unit of the Finance and Administration Department performs the following functions:

        • It raises Payment Vouchers for approved funds.
        • It processes Release Warrants to the Office of the Accountant General for both capital and recurrent expenditures.
        • It also keeps Departmental Vote Expenditure Book (DVEB) for both capital and recurrent expenditure.
        • It is responsible for keeping of cash books and ledgers
        • It prepares monthly returns on the implementation of the budget
        • It also does bank reconciliation
        • It Prepares Appropriation Account
        • It is also responsible for writing and issuing of cheques.

        Salary Unit

        The Salary Unit of the Finance and Administration Department performs the following functions:

        • It prepares the salary of staff
        • It is also in charge of preparation of Emolument cards of staff
        • It also prepares and pay leave bonus of staff
        • It forwards monthly salary variation to the office of Accountant General

        Store Division

        It is responsible for the purchase and distribution of items to offices.

        It also carries out market survey of items.

        It receives item and ensures that items bought are properly kept.

        The division has a mini store at the secretariat complex for office equipment and stationery. The other store unit under the ministry is located at Oke-Eda for storage of hospital equipment and furniture procured by the Ministry and ADB Assisted project (World Bank Project).

        The drugs procured through the State Tender’s Board and the Ministerial Tenders’ Board are stored at the Central Medical Store, Ondo Road, from where they are distributed to various health facilities in the state.

        The Computer Unit

        The computer unit of the finance and Administration Department has functional computers being handled by competent hands. It services all the departments in the typing of important documents using different computer applications.

        Transport Unit

        The transport unit of the Finance and Administration Department performs the following functions:

        • It takes inventory of the total number of vehicles in the ministry.
        • It supervises the movement of the Ministry’s vehicles within and outside the state.
        • It processes in file, vehicles that needed repair works or servicing for approval.
Date Posted Jul.12.2016.07.26.21

The Director

Department of Account



Ondo State

Ogundipe Joyce Ebunoluwa (Mrs)

Institutions Attended: Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko

Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti

Jubilee Community Gram. School, Ondo

Educational Qualification: MBA Business Adminstration, PGD (Financial Management) Higher National Diploma, National Diploma, W.A.E.C

Working Experience: Typist Grade II, Account Clerk, Bursar, Chief Accountant, Assistant Directors, Accounts, Director Accounts

Institutional Email

Date Posted Jul.12.2016.07.28.53

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