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Director Planning Research and Statistics
The Health Planning, Research and Statistics Department ensures the achievement of the goals and objectives of the State Health Policy.


To serve as the channel through which the Ministry of Health performs its stewardship role and other statutory responsibilities necessary for achieving the goals and objectives of the State.


  • Development of Plans (Rolling, Medium and Perspective) and Preparation of Budgets;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Programmes, Projects and Plans Implementation;
  • Serve as Secretariat to the State Council on Health;
  • Conduct research into the sectors over which the Ministry has jurisdiction, in collaboration with other departments and agencies, institutions and parastatals;
  • Conduct research into the internal organizational, operational and management modalities of the Ministry;
  • Routine collection and processing of Data and Statistics relating to the Ministry and the Health Sector;
  • Liaison with relevant bodies outside the Ministry;
  • Coordinating, tracking and assessing MDG projects and programmes;
  • Planning and coordination of Human Resources for Health development;
  • Implementation of World Bank Development Project;
  • Coordination of the State Health Management Information System with the Federal Ministry of Health;
  • Serves as Secretariat of the State Health Research Ethics Committee;
  • Serves as Secretariat for Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths in the State.
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Planning Research and Statistics

The department of Planning, Reserach and Statistics has two main divisions, they are:

1.  Planning Division

2.  Research and Statistics Division

The Planning Division is further sub-divided into two branches

i.  Planning, Programmes and Projects branch

ii.  Monitoring and Evaluation branch

The Division of Research and Statistics is also further sub-divided into three branches

i.  Research branch

ii.  Statistics branch

iii.  Data branch

Planning Division

a. Functions of the Planning, Programme and Projects Branch:

Formulation and interpretation of health policies and supervision of their implementation;

Strategic health planning;


Planning of capital and other health projects Budgeting for health plan, programmes and projects

Manpower planning and development

Financial planning and development

The planning, programmes and projects branch is essentially involved with developmental planning. It is flexible and dynamic in its functions as it deals with specific issue from time to time.

This branch (PPP) is currently responsible for:

  • The dissemination of the National Health Policy and the development of its implementation plan;
  • The secretariat of the State Council on Health (SCH);
  • The secretariat of the Ministry’s planning board;
  • The preparation of the rolling and perspective plans for the Ministry;
  • The Health System Fund, Project African Development Bank, Project of Health Services Rehabilitation;
  • Project Articulation Process.

      b. Functions of the Monitoring and Evaluation Branch:

      The Monitoring and Evaluation Branch has the responsibility for assessing the progress of all programmes and projects of the State Ministry of Health.

      Research and Statistics Division

      The Research Branch: The duties of the research branch include:

      • Establish mechanism for the promotion, support and co-ordination of research activities in identified priority areas;
      • Establish priorities for Health Services (or Health System);
      • Strengthen research capabilities of individual research and of state institutions to enable them to undertake these essential tasks. The Research Branch encompasses the sectoral research section, Operational, Organizational and Management Research (O.O.M.R.) and efficiency research activities.

      The Statistics branch encompasses two sections which include:

      • Sectional statistics section
      • Internal statistics section

        • The major functions of the statistics branch are enumerated below:

          • To provide accurate, relevant and timely information for meaningful macro-planning for the implementation of the National Health Policy.
          • Holding regular discussion with health planners on their entire data requirement
          • Preparing baseline data where such data are not available in collaboration with the State Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget e.g. cross sectional surveys.
          • Liaising with other Departments with a view to developing their capabilities in generating data on the activities of their departments, ensuring that the relevant data are rendered regularly to the branch on pre-determined formats.
          • Organizing training programmes for the Local Governments and health institutions, so that they can improve on their data collection technique.
          • Standardizing the formats that would be used by the Local Governments and health institutions in rendering returns to the Branch.
          • Making readily available to all users of statistics, health and health related information in collaboration with the records Branch i.e. Data Bank and Computer Centre Section.
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Planning Research and Statistics

The Director

Department of Planning, Research and Statistics



Ondo State

Dr. Yetunde Winifred Olagbuji

Institutions Attended: Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

Educational Qualification: MBCHB, FWACP

Working Experience:

Institutional Email:

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