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Executive Secretary

Dr. Francis Adegoke Akanbiemu

The Executive Secretary, OSPHCDB

Institutions Attended

University of Benin

University of Ibadan

Education Qualification


Date Posted Sep.03.2016.06.15.47
Executive Secretary
Date Posted Sep.07.2016.01.37.47

News, Event, Vid-Tube & World Updates

  • Lassa Fever is an Acute viral Haemorrhagic i by lassa virus, a member of the arenavirus viruses. it is transmitted to humans from c food or household items contaminated with excreta. .

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  • The OSPHCDB ensures that infants are immunized against vaccine preventable diseases before attaining age of 12months. ORIREWA is an acronym for Ondo State Routine Immunization Reaching .

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  • Instruction for Recruitment... Click on Project Link and Select Nigeria State Health Investment Project on the RBF Page... Click to download Recruitment Process for Verifiers... .

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